Our Services

We are your expert partner for perfect homecare to make your housework easier. 

We supply durable mechanical cleaning products such as mops, brooms, gloves, cloths, ironing boards, and scourers, for your home

iClean is an Egyptian Company Specialized in Manufacturing of :

- A wide range of Kitchen Sponges.

- A wide range of Natural and Synthetic body care Loofahs.

- A wide range of household and Kitchen Care Supplies.

Why us

Third-party industrialization is a strong economic trend coming to the world of industry, which saves a lot of time, effort and risk, and provides a high level of accuracy and quality. This was encouraged by the largest global commercial entities to move for this path. The most important advantages

Control all production elements

Control all production elements and therefore we work to meet the needs of the customer, which provides complete control over the components and quality of the product

Cost elements

Control of cost elements, the customer can also determine the cost of the product and its profitable prices

Adaptation and flexibility

Adaptability The customer has the ability to move quickly to obtain a product with his own label in response to the increasing demand in the market for a new advantage or a new trend, while large companies may not be interested in a specialized product and do not have sufficient flexibility to move within the market mechanisms

Brand Name

Control of the brand, the customer’s products carry his own brand name and the exact packaging design he wants


To make greater profits by controlling production costs and pricing, the customer controls the level of profitability his products provide