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Steel Wire Wool Scourers and Pads

It is used in being a very good cleaning accessory. Due to its abrasive characteristics, it is used to clean the glass without water or cleaners. It cleans and polishes the stainless steel. It cleans copper pipes and joints. It removes rust from metal and tile.


Abrasive Scouring Pads

Ideal for Delicate Surfaces. Hygiene and odour-free. Perfect solution for stubborn dirt and oils. Rinse well before and after use, Replace your sponge regularly each 15 days for hygiene and your health. Excellent cleaning and durability. Economic Pack .


Urchin Sponge

provides magical cleaning in kitchen and dishwasher. Excellent cleaning and long lasting. cleans most sensitive surface without scratching. high water absorption power provides easy cleaning. Excellent cleaning, dry without leaving a trace.


Steel Wool Sponge Scrubber - Silfic

Creates excellent results in many surface that are difficult to clean, such as steel pot, pans and stovetops. Easily cleans hard stains with its special texture ergonomic design makes it easy to grip. It's scrubs quickly, cleanse perfectly, lasts long. Scrubs and cleans quickly can be used on steel pots and pans, grills, ovens and different solid surfaces. Outstanding cleaning power on all surface.


kitchen Sponge Special shape

Multi-purpose scouring sponge gives you double purpose with its strong fiber based side and its smoother sponge side that moves detergents fast to surface; its wavy innovative design relaxes your hand and makes cleaning even fun. The well-finished design enables you to clean faster, safer, and happier. The sponge will resist bacteria induced odors, stains and prevent germ growth.


kitchen Sponge Special shape Colored

Help you clean cups, and fridge bottles. Perfect for deep things. The hand is made of shatter-resistant plastic Made of high-quality and high-density colored sponge. Ideal for odor-free and delicate surfaces. Rinse well before and after use.


kitchen Sponge Nail Saver Yellow , Colors

This product is strong and tough with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance easy to store. Heavy Duty comfort Nailsaver. Remove tough baked-on messes 50% faster than other comparative scrub sponge. Rinse thoroughly before and after each use and squeeze to dry. Sterilize in the dishwasher or be boiled.


Dishcloth Sponge

Super effective Cleaning - combine the benefits of a traditional hand tea-towel with the super absorbency of a cellulose sponge (our cloths absorb over 20x their weight!). Soft to the touch when wet. Perfect for cleaning and scrubbing dishes, cups, mugs, tumblers, and cleaning countertops


Sponge bath Loofah (adults & children) and other purposes

Enjoy our Egyptian natural loofah, the best natural loofah in the world. The Egyptian loofah is the most traditional type of the bathroom loofah in the world because it has a very high density and maintains its shape even when wet and knit loose, making it ideal for bath and shower. Available in forms: Loofah for adult's bath. Loofah for children's bath. Sponges for other purposes.


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